What makes us

TSM is a team of independently acting consultants with diverse competences, closely networked and united under one company – a boutique consultancy of international format.
Bundled and interdisciplinary, the TSM team uses its entire expertise and wealth of experience to successfully and sustainably accompany projects and change processes in the most diverse business areas of our clients.

With a sense of responsibility, our experts develop practicable solutions for optimization using the existing resources of our clients.

From the strategic analysis of the current situation to the implementation of the developed concept to the monitoring after the complete achievement of the project’s objectives, our consultants are actively at your side.

In particular, you can benefit from our strengths in the following areas:

  • Production
  • Management consulting
  • Network control technology

Geographically, TSM operates mainly in the D-A-CH region, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and South-Eastern Europe.

Our flexibility, our high degree of digitalization, our efficient communication policy and our lean administration round off our profile.
We are looking forward to contributing to your company’s success together with you.


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tsm ing peter strommer

Ing. Peter Strommer

Managing Director
Senior Consultant

tsm christian gold

Christian Gold

Senior Advisor

tsm melanie weiss

Melanie Weiss

Assistent - Communication - Marketing

tsm di rainer kessele

DI Rainer Kessele

Senior Consultant

tsm di antonio fernandes

António Fernandes

Senior Consultant

tsm ing wolfgang bartonik

Ing. Wolfgang Bartonik

Senior Consultant

tsm jozef bartkovsky

Jozef Bartkovsky

Senior Consultant