TSM Services GmbH

Management consultancy / Consulting

Sportplatzgasse 9
7151 Wallern im Burgenland

VAT number: ATU 16108502
D.U.N.S.: 301367264

Phone: +43 (0)699 1159 7583
Company register number: 57500i
Company court: Landesgericht Eisenstadt
GLN: 9110015349139
Authority according to ECG: District Administration Neusiedl am See

Disclosure according to media law

Media owner: Ing. Peter Strommer
Registered office (place of principal place of business): Wallern
Object of the company: Management consultancy including business organisation
Participations: none
Managing director: Ing. Peter Strommer
Partner: Christian Gold

Member of the Burgenland Chamber of Commerce
Professional group / branch
FG Management Consultancy, Accounting and Information Technology
Management Consulting